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Cherry pickers are a type of elevated working platform that are either electrically powered or petrol operated. Ideal for safe and efficient work at a height above ground, they are indispensable to many maintenance and construction projects. Carnegie Rental offers a wide range of cougar lifts and cherry pickers for hire to suit a range of project needs. Whether you need a cougar lift for small, narrow spaces or a larger machine with a boom attachment, we know you’ll find what you need here within our range. Plus, as a commitment to provide outstanding customer service, our cherry picker hire cost is competitively priced, and we also offer a special weekend rate.

Cougar Lift 23' (Ladder Entry)

Our battery powered cougar lifts are lightweight, elevated working platforms. Ideal for maintenance and construction projects and working safely and efficiently above ground.  This cougar lift passes through narrow doorways and fits in elevators with ease, featuring a width of just .76m, with outriggers for stability. Trailer available. Also known as a manlift.

Product CAT 23
Power Battery 120V
Platform height 7.2m max
Overall width 0.87m
Overall length 1.55m
Load capacity 136kg
Gross weight 348kg
Outrigger footprint indoor 1.9 x 1.7m 
Full Day: 
Weekend Special: 


  • gloves
  • goggles
  • helmet
  • Safety Harness
Cougar Lift 23' (Ladder Entry)
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