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19.5m Straight Lift Boom (S65)

Our S65 Genie telescopic boom lift is ideal for creating a safe and sturdy elevated work platform for any hard-to-reach access environments. This 2-man 65ft telescopic lift is able to reach heights of up to 19.5m (65ft) above ground, with rough terrain tires used to traverse over even ground. The Genie S65 man lift has a basket weight capacity of 227kg, which allows 2 grown adults with roughly 80kg of tools or equipment. Ask us about boom lift hire today.

Platform capacity:


Power source:

Platform height: 19.8m (65ft)
Working height: 21.80m (71ft)
Gross Weight: 10,349kg
Max width: 2.49m (8'2"ft)
Max gradient: 30% (or 17°)
PDF Guides & Specifications: 
Full Day: 
Weekend Special: 


  • gloves
  • goggles
  • helmet


  • helmet
  • helmet
  • helmet


Q1.How much does it cost to rent a Boom lift?

A. The cost to hire/rent a Boom lift in Australia ranges between $400 - $600 per day for a 19.5m lift, and $1600- $2000 for a weekly charge. However, these prices are subject to change, depending on the duration of the rental period, size of machine and quality of service. For a smaller lift, a 10m Boom lift is recommended

Q2. Do I need any licensing/ certification to use a Boom lift?

A. According to WorkSafe, a high-risk work license for EWPs (elevated work platforms) is not required for any piece of machinery with operating work platforms of less than 11m from the base level (ground). Therefore this boom must be used by a licensed operator.

Q3. How high does a Boom lift go?

A. The height of a Boom lift is dependent on which machine you hire, with that being said, machinery sizes range from ground level (0m) to the highest being around 24.5m (80ft) platform height. The most popular sizes are 10m (33ft) and 13.75m (45ft) lifts, however, Smart Hire is also able to provide heights of 18.3m (60ft) and 24.5m (80ft).

Q4.What's the difference between a scissor lift and a boom lift?

A.There are two distinct types of access platforms, usually called scissor lifts and boom lifts (or sometimes cherry pickers). The difference between the two is that a scissor lift can usually only move vertically, whereas a boom lift has an outreach, to work above areas not accessible from directly below.

Q5. Is there any safety equipment required for a Boom lift?

A. Generally speaking fall protection is advised for any heights above 1.8m (6ft) off the ground, protections of this nature includes a safety harness, fall arrestor, inertia reel, and safety clips. Apart from that safety helmet, gloves and goggles are also recommended (all of which can be hired from Smart Hire).
19.5m Straight Lift Boom (S65)
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