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Mini loaders, also known as dingos, are ideal to use on narrow or limited-access worksites. Use them for moving and levelling soil, sand, mulch, gravel and rubble as well as for loading bins, trailers and trucks.

If you’re looking for dingo hire in Melbourne that’s value for money, browse extensive range at Carnegie Rental. We offer a wide variety of machines that are heavy duty, easy to manoeuvre and come equipped with industry-leading safety features. Our mini loaders for hire come with a variety of attachments as well, including post hole diggers for digging holes for fences, retaining walls and more. Browse our selection and book the best machinery for your needs.

Mini Loader 1100mm Wide - Wheeled

Heavy-duty four-wheel-drive mini loader, ideal for moving and levelling soil, mulch, sand and loading trucks, trailers and bins. Including 4- in- 1 bucket attachments for the blade, levelling and bucket work.



Motor 20hp   15kW diesel or petrol
Operating weight 850-950kg
Trencher depth Max 1m
Width 1050mm
Length 2000mm
Height 1200mm
Full Day: 
Weekend Special: 
$250 (weekend only)



1. How much does it cost to rent a mini loader/dingo?

The cost of rental/hire within Australia of most mini loader/dingo can range between $250- $350 over a 24-hour hire period, depending on the machine quality, size and rental service.

2. How much does it cost to have someone operate a mini loader/ dingo?

The generally earthmoving specialist will charge a minimum of $600, and jobs can increase past $10,000 dollars depending on the job size and difficulty.

3. Do I need a license for a mini loader/dingo?

According to Worksafe (23/10/18), a certificate is no longer required to operate an earth moving or particular crane (EPC) occupational class of machinery; meaning that anyone from the public is welcome to come and use our entire range of excavatorsmini loaderstrenchers and bobcats, without needing licensing.

4. What does a mini loader/dingo do?

A mini loader is a self-contained unit (similar to a skid steer) that requires someone to stand on the rear of the machine in order to use it. It is primarily used for earth-moving and levelling landscapes and is preferred in tight access/ narrow areas that cannot accommodate larger machinery such as excavators and bobcat

5. How to use a mini loader/ dingo?

(Please refer to the linked video) A mini loader uses a simple system of joysticks and handles to both drive and operates its tracks, arms, and attachments. The skills required to operate one can easily be learned within 10 minutes of use.


Mini Loader 1100mm Wide - Wheeled
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