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Lawn Aerator Hire in Melbourne

For affordable lawn aerator hire in Melbourne, you can turn to Carnegie Rental. We offer affordable lawn aerator hire and even offer special weekend rates. Talk to our team today about hiring lawn aerators.


Rotary Hoe Hydraulic (Tiller)

rotary hoe

Rotary Hoe hire is the perfect budget-friendly addition to any earthmoving project. Preparing a garden bed? or replacing an old, hardened lawn? A heavy-duty multipurpose hydraulic rotary hoe cultivator/ tiller makes light work of densely compacted soil, loosening up small or large areas for planting, weed control, grass removal and allowing for the mixture of fertilizer/ organic material. This self-propelled machine is great for landscaping, and gardening and is a priming tool for earthmoving, helping to turn over old lawns and establishing a blank canvas with which to work with.

Hydraulic rotary hoe hire will make a great budget-friendly addition to any earthmoving or landscaping project, an economical alternative to buying.


Full Day: 
$115 to $125 (PLUS FUEL)
$440 to $450 (PLUS FUEL)
Weekend Special: 
$115 to $125 (PLUS FUEL)



Q1.How much does it cost to hire/rent a rotary hoe/ cultivator?

A. The cost of rental/hire within Australia of most rotary hoes/ cultivators can range between $100- $160 over a 24-hour hire period, depending on the machine quality, size and rental service.

Q2. How much does it cost to have someone operate a mini loader/ dingo?

A. Generally a landscaping specialist will charge a minimum of $300, and jobs can increase to $1000 depending on the job size and difficulty.

Q3. Do I need a license for a rotary hoe?

A. According to Worksafe (23/10/18), a certificate is no longer required to operate an earth moving or particular crane (EPC) occupational class of machinery; meaning that anyone from the public is welcome to come and use our entire range of excavatorsmini loaderstrenchers and bobcats, without needing licensing.

Q4. What does a rotary hoe/ cultivator do?

A. A rotary hoe is a self-contained unit (similar to a lawn corer) that is primarily used for loosening soil and levelling landscapes and is preferred in when creating a garden bed, preparing for turf laying and when the group is too hard to penetrate.

Q5. How to use a rotary hoe/ cultivator?

A. (Please refer to the linked video) A rotary hoe/tiller uses a simple system of levers and handles to both drive and operates its tynes and depth settings. The skills required to operate one can easily be learned within 10 minutes use.
Rotary Hoe Hydraulic (Tiller)
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