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If you’re looking for affordable portable toilet hire, Carnegie Rental has got what you need! We offer site toilets for hire to use on construction areas, as well as for use at outdoor events, parties or festivals. To accommodate to your needs, our portable toilets are available for hire in Melbourne at both daily and weekly rates, plus our prices are highly competitive to ensure excellent value.

Portable Shower

Melbourne toilet hires now offers portable showers. These portable showers are suitable for use at events, homes and construction sites. The single showers provide a great temporary solution to showering. Easy to plumb to your existing house via your laundry tub. This shower also features an optional gas hot water service for portable hot showering.

- Fully plumbed and ready for connection
- Optional hot water service (Gas extra)
- Approx. 35 showers per 9kg gas bottle
- An abundance of natural light
-Weighs 110Kg

PLEASE NOTE: While the heating unit itself if a free optional extra, all gas bottles are an extra charge of $36.

Full Day: 
$120 per week (minimum 2 weeks)
Weekend Special: 




Q1. How much does it cost to rent a portable shower?

A. A portable shower unit is easily justified in a judged, with the total cost being $120 per week, with a minimum 2-week rental fee, meaning the minimum rental charge is $240, with ongoing charges of $120 per week after the initial 2-week rental period.

Q2. Can portable showers supply hot water?

A. Portable showers are a great option for anyone looking so supply sanitary facilities for themselves or others in remote locations, but don't fear! there are portable heating systems that come complimentary with any or all of our portable hire showers. These portable hot water systems provide instant hot water and can be regulated up to 38 degrees Celcius.

Q3. What are portable showers used for?

A. Smart Hire's portable showers have multiple uses, with the primary function being to wash off dirt and grime. They have applications in both residential and commercial building sites, or for private uses as a temporary replacement during bathroom renovations, likewise, they can be used for remote camping, hiking or outback travel, as a private, clean and reliable way of personal cleaning.

Q4. How do you use a portable shower?

A. Portable showers are simply boxed privacy rooms with a water tap fitting and often a water heater fitting. To start: 1. Ensure that the shower unit is stored in the desired location, either through placement by crance truck for skid units, or wheeled into position on the trailer-mounted units. 2. Ensure that the heater unit is attached to an LPG gas bottle with no leaks (checked with soapy water) and that it has charged batteries (supplied through a storage unit in the base of the device). 3. Fit on all water fittings going into and out of the heater, including the red fittings for hot water, and blue coming directly from a tap as cold water. 4. Finally, simply open the tap withing the shower unit itself and the water should automatically spark on and emit hot water.
Portable Shower
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