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Mulcher (100mm) Chipper

This 100mm chipper is ideal for breaking down tree branches and wood into mulch, tanbark and compost chips for recycling, landscaping and rubbish removal purposes. It is a small, compact machine with a feeding capacity of up to 100mm (3.9inch) branches and a small petrol motor, all trailer mounted for easy movement. 


IMPORTANT:  All wood must be checked for nails (and removed) before use, no dried hardwoods, vines, ribbon bark or pine trees should be fed into the machine.


Motor 16hp petrol    
Chipper capacity Green branches up to 100mm (3.9inch) diameter



  • Reduces tree pruning to a manageable size 
  • Recycle garden pruning into mulch 
  • Chip tree limbs 
  • Chipping and mulching branches up to 100mm in diameter


PDF Guides & Specifications: 
Full Day: 
Weekend Special: 
$190 (weekend only)



Q1.How much does it cost to rent a mulcher/wood chipper?

A. The cost of rental/hire within Australia of most mulchers/ chippers ranges between $140- $400 over a 24-hour hire period, depending on the machine quality, size and rental service.

Q2. How much does it cost to have a tree removed?

A. Ranging from every small to large tree, it can cost between $140- $1400 dollars per tree to have them professionally removed (averaging around $500); this being dependant on the tree height, diameter, condition, wood type, and location. The low cost of rental makes it not only cost-effective but also convenient to rent if one or multiple trees have to be removed.

Q3. What does a mulcher/ wood chipper do?

A. A mulcher is a landscaping/ horticulturalists machine that uses large rotating blades in order to disintegrate tree bodies into small wood chips; making them useful for rubbish removal, outdoor flooring and soil fertilization.

Q4. How long does it take to mulch a tree?

A. Depending on the size it can take anywhere between 20 min - 3 hours to completely mulch a standard tree, this has more to do with the preparation stages of cutting branches and checking for damaging objects (e.g nails/ rope).

Q5. How do I mulcher/ chip a tree?

A. Begin by inspecting the wood for nails, rope or any potentially damaging objects, secondly start the mulching machine and fully engage the blades, thirdly directionals the expulsion shaft to the desired location and begin slowly feeding tree branches (appropriate to the machine) into the mulcher blades. Be sure to allow the process to feed naturally.


Mulcher (100mm) Chipper
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