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Heater Patio/ Mushroom (Gas Extra)

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the patio heater warms up any social event with ease and safety. Perfect for parties, restaurants and other social gatherings. This multi-purpose heater features a safety 'off' trigger when tipped. Gas available for hire. Safety note: Large and well-ventilated areas are required for indoor use. Minimum height clearance of 500mm from the ceiling is required.

Fuel LP gas
Running time 12hrs
Heat output 40,000btu
Note:  A well-ventilated area is required for indoor use
 Gas available for hire
Full Day: 
Weekend Special: 
$60 (weekend only)



What type of heater is best for which job? 

Parties: Both LPG patio and mushroom heaters are popular all year round to passively heat their surroundings at parties, events and other social gatherings and are suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. Likewise, gas/diesel blow and infrared heaters can be used to widely disperse heat among a crowd in a well-ventilated area with little to no fumes, smell or noise. 

Industrial: Gas/diesel Infrared & blower heaters are useful for most industrial/ commercial applications. They can spaciously heat work environments to either improve comfortability, speed frying times and remove moisture content in/on factories, entire walls, construction sites and parties.

Are gas/ diesel heaters safe?   

Yes, gas and diesel heaters are extremely safe granted that they are used in the appropriate context and in the right way. 

Do gas/diesel heaters need to be ventilated?

It is important to use a diesel/gas heater either outdoor or in a properly ventilated indoor area, as an area with restricted airflow can pose a health risk; therefore, a window and/or door should be open in the area where the heater is being used. 

What safety precaution should I implement when using gas/diesel heaters? 

Gas/ diesel heaters should never be left unattended, and occupants should never leave a heater operating while they are asleep. All flammable products such as cloth, plastics, wood and fuels must be moved to a distance of 1.5 metres away from the heater to prevent ignition. It is also recommended that no skin-to-skin contact is made with a heater until it has been given at least 10 minutes to cool.

Heater Patio/ Mushroom (Gas Extra)
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